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Giving God the Glory!


Judy took this photo of me this morning from our back deck as I came in from a early morning Nordic ski.

As probably most of those reading this post know, we live in Colorado, up high in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  For the past 18 months or so, we have been in a severe drought.  Last year’s snowfall was way under our average and by the end of the summer, most of the state’s reservoirs were very low.  We also experienced some of the most devastating fires in our state’s history last summer.  This winter started off much like last winter, with snowfall totals ranging from 30-50% of what is normal.  Thankfully, in Colorado, that is still enough for some good skiing!

Our church, Immanuel Fellowship, takes the second week of March every year to pray and fast.  This year one of our focus points was the drought. (I should probably add that I am sure Christians all over our state have prayed as well.)  The next several weeks saw more than average snow but not enough to catch up.  It was very discouraging that at the end of March it was reported that the mountains needed seven more feet of snow this spring I order to fill the reservoirs when the snow melts.

However…….according to the Summit Daily, who gives snow statistics on a daily basis, we have now received 91 inches since the beginning of the month!  This is April 23 today.  It would be easy to say that this is a coincidence, but all the expert doomsayers have been predicting that we could never receive enough snow to break this winter’s existing weather pattern.  I want to go on record as giving God the glory for what has happened, and to attribute all our snow to His power and His ability to turn the desert to pools of water (or lots of snow)!  He is faithful!   And He answers the prayers of His people!

I want to also rejoice that the extended forecast starting tomorrow is one of abundant sunshine and warm temperatures!


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